The Law Society of Scotland has responded to the publication of new research into Scottish juries’ decision-making.

The research, published today, 9 October 2019, follows Lord Bonomy’s Post Corroboration Safeguards Review, which recommended research into jury decision-making, including the possible impact of Scotland’s three verdicts, prior to considering any future reform. 

John Mulholland, President of the Law Society of Scotland, said: “This new research gives us some insight into how juries reach their verdict in criminal trials. It may have implications for the Scottish criminal justice system and will be helpful in the development of any future reform. We must consider the issues raised in the research very carefully and in great detail.

"Juries play a crucial role in our criminal justice system and it will be vital for both the legal profession and members of the public to participate fully in the debate about the current system and the research findings published today. It is essential that we have a criminal justice system which is fair to those accused of crime and those who are victims of crime. We must make every effort to continue to minimise the possible risk of miscarriages of justice within our criminal courts.

“We look forward to engaging with the Scottish Government and others in taking these important discussions forward.”