The Law Society of Scotland has appointed Paul Mosson as its new Executive Director for Member Services.

Paul Mosson has a strong background in delivering member services within the legal sector having worked with the Bar Council of England and Wales for nine years, starting as its Head of Member Services and ultimately as its Director of Services, Policy and Representation. Most recently he set up as a consultant and has been working with Mills Rendall & Associates on strategy development for, among others, the Birmingham Law Society and on a leadership programme.

Lorna Jack, Chief Executive of the Law Society of Scotland, said: “I’m delighted to welcome Paul to the Law Society and look forward to working with him as part of our senior leadership team. He impressed us with his knowledge of and achievement within the legal sector, his enthusiasm to collaborate and work with others, and his drive to innovate and provide the kinds of services that solicitors and law firms want and need from their professional body.

“There has been an enormous amount of change in the legal sector in recent years and we are constantly looking at how we can best provide business support, career growth, CPD and professional support for our entire membership, whether solicitors are working at a large international firm, are high street practitioners or working in-house in Scotland or further afield.

“This year saw the launch of our improved financial benchmarking survey as a tool to help solicitors manage their businesses effectively and a new cybersecurity guide to address the specific risks facing solicitors and law firms, as well as the successful delivery of nearly 100 CPD events and online seminars, and our professional practice team helping answer more than 10,000 queries from solicitors. Our recently published annual plan for 2017-18 sets out another ambitious programme, which Paul will lead, to deliver world-class services for our members over the next 12 months. Among our plans for next year are producing a guide on GDPR, improving our online member services and ‘smart’ forms, and the launch of a new alternate dispute resolution service.”

Paul Mosson said: “I’m thrilled to be joining the Law Society at this point in its strategy and working with the Officer Bearers, Lorna and the rest of the team to deliver its ambitions over the next few years. I am joining an outstanding team with whom I will work to deliver world-class services, and I am especially looking forward to meeting as many of our members as possible over the coming months.”

The Law Society of Scotland’s senior leadership team comprises Chief Executive, Lorna Jack, and five Executive Directors for Education, Training and Qualification, External Relations, Finance and Operations, Member Services, and Regulation.

For more information about the Law Society of Scotland and the annual plan for 2017-18 see the ‘about us’ section on our website.

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