Individuals with concerns that members of the legal community are involved with financial improprieties or money laundering, can now anonymously report their concerns to the professional body for Scottish solicitors.

The confidential reporting concerns line and online form, which have gone live today, 1 February, have been set up by the Law Society of Scotland as part of ongoing efforts to ensure that the legitimate services provided by legal firms are not misused for illegitimate purposes.

Craig Cathcart, Convener of the Society’s Regulatory Committee said: “As the Anti-Money Laundering Supervisor for Scottish solicitors, the Law Society is committed to raising awareness of the prevalence of money laundering and the numerous ways in which it can be carried out.

“It is important that the public and the professionals are provided with the information, support and processes to protect the public and prevent the Scottish legal system being used to launder the proceeds of crime.

“Both the Society and my Regulatory Committee strongly encourage responsible and lawful reporting of information about serious concerns and risks at the earliest possible stage. A prompt report could be vital in protecting members of the public from reckless or dishonest behaviour.”

If you know, or suspect, that a Scottish solicitor or their employee, is involved in dishonest or inappropriate action, contact the reporting concerns line on 0330 0947935 or report your concerns using the online form.

Reporting concerns

Our approach to receiving intelligence from the public, from solicitors and from other people working in the legal sector, which relates to serious concerns or risk to the public.