The Law Society of Scotland has condemned the use of dismissive references to the legal profession as “lefty lawyers."

Amanda Millar, President of the Law Society of Scotland, said: “It is extremely disappointing and frustrating to continue to hear and read about inflammatory language being used by senior Government figures to describe the legal profession and its vitally important work.

“Lawyers dedicate their skills, experience and professionalism to protect and uphold people’s legal and human rights, ensuring those rights apply equally to all. In doing so, they are upholding the rule of law, a cornerstone of our society and democracy. They must be able to carry out this fundamental role without fear of intimidation or restrictions to their independence or impartiality.

“Every person in a position of power should reflect carefully on the language they use and respect the role of the legal profession in maintaining a democratic and civil society.”

Law Society of Scotland condemns Home Office video

The Law Society has condemned a UK Home Office video which describes legal professionals acting on behalf of migrants as ‘activist lawyers’ and called for it to be withdrawn.