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I’m delighted to introduce you to the team who provide support and services to new lawyers.

The team has recently expanded and will continue to work closely with new and prospective members of the legal profession. These may be school pupils engaged in our Street Law program and our national debate tournament, or law students, diploma students, trainee solicitors and solicitors who have recently qualified.

We also work closely with the Universities and other key stakeholders to ensure excellence in the training and education of Scottish solicitors. 

Please read a little more about the team to find out how we can help. And, of course, feel free to get in touch.

Liz Campbell, Executive Director of Education, Training and Qualifications (ETQ)

 Education And Training

David Macdougall, Admission Coordinator

Work I do: Trainees who are looking to be admitted can contact me for information on the admission process and, later, when they submit an application. I also answer questions on when trainees can or should apply for admission, which by the way is at any point after completion of at least one year of the traineeship or once the traineeship is over.

I also manage the process of admitting Notaries Public who chose to be admitted as such separately from being admitted as a Solicitor, and that of coordinating swearing-in ceremonies for Notaries Public in the Law Society of Scotland office.

When a new lawyer might contact me: Usually questions I receive relate to the process, the cost and the time taken for admission applications to be processed. I also get questions on the costs of practising certificates since a lot of trainees think that in applying for admission they are in fact applying for a practising certificate and don’t realise.

David Meighan, Accreditation Manager

Work I do:  I manage the process of accrediting the universities who offer the LLB and Diploma. I work with universities to make sure that they teach and assess the subjects that the solicitor’s profession wants all future solicitors to learn.

When a new lawyer might contact me:  You might contact me if you want to check what modules you need to take at university, to ensure that you can qualify into the solicitor profession - particularly if you are changing university or if you are restarting your studies after a period of absence. 

Elaine MacGlone, Equality and Diversity Manager

Work I do: I work towards delivering the projects we have committed to as part of our Equality and Diversity Strategy. In 2016 this will include reviewing and updating the Preventing Bullying and Harassment Guidance, addressing the gender pay gap, and producing people management training. I also co-manage the Society’s Career Mentoring scheme

When a new lawyer might contact me: You can contact me in relation to the mentoring scheme. I can deal with any query that participants have, which is usually practical arrangements such as giving advice on suitable venues for mentoring, as well as attending mentor training to meet participants.

Katy Cameron, Qualifications Coordinator

Work I do: I’m responsible for dealing with the regulatory aspects of becoming a trainee solicitor. In particular, I deal with the processing, issuing and registration of entrance certificates and training contracts. I also deal with those who wish to qualify in Scotland from other jurisdictions and anyone qualifying as a solicitor via the Society’s alternative route. On top of that, I organise and run the Society's admission ceremonies and our schools debating tournament.

When a new lawyer might contact me: Contact me about entrance certificates, training contracts, general traineeship enquiries and admission ceremonies. You might also contact me if you’re a judge in the Donald Dewar Memorial Debating Tournament

Lyndsey Thomson, Administrator

Work I do: My main roles in the department are to provide administrative support to the Head of Careers and Outreach and overseeing the Street Law and Mentoring Programmes and the Student Extra Scheme. I’m also involved in the organisation of the Society’s careers events for career changers, school pupils and law students.

When a new lawyer might contact me: You might contact me regarding the Career Mentoring Programme or the Street Law programme. I’m also the main point of contact to volunteer at Law Society outreach events. I also receive general careers enquiries.

Education And Careers Team

Martyn Robinson, Administrator

The work I do: I provide administrative and secretarial support to the ETQ team. I assist trainee solicitors with their PEAT2 problems regarding PQPRs, TCPD, admissions and entrance certificates. I keep an eye on all the general enquiries coming in to the department by phone or email.

When a new lawyer might contact me: You are likely to contact me about your enrolment forms and submitting payments, or your exam results.

Rob Marrs, Head of Education

Work I do: I’m responsible for driving the development, management and delivery of education and training project work here at the Society – ensuring the route to qualification, and post-qualification training regime, are world-class. As well as that, I advise the Society’s Council and Education & Training Committee on all education matters and also head up equality and diversity. The best thing I do? Help spread Street Law in Scotland.

When a new lawyer might contact me: Ordinarily it’s either on a matter of equality & diversity (usually regarding recruitment processes at organisations) or relating to the content of the careers blogs which I write for our website.

Katie Wood, Head of Admissions

Work I do: I’m responsible for everything to do with traineeships.  I am the one-woman helpline for trainee solicitors as well as having a regulatory role in relation to how traineeships are governed. I have powers to intervene in training contracts if needed.  I really enjoy getting out and about talking to trainees and also delivering Diploma talks. 

When a new lawyer might contact me: For helpline calls, I can help with any issues with the traineeship – whether someone wants to move firms, switch to part time, if they are having trouble with their boss, or even if they feel the law is not for them. I can also help with traineeship search queries and if anyone has questions about the traineeship stats, I’m your girl!

Laura Gulliver, Head of Careers and Outreach

Work I do: I work with people at all stages in their career, from planning events in schools to widen the interest in studying law, to presenting to law students to ensure they know everything they need to about becoming a solicitor, and those who are considering a career change to law. I work closely with new lawyers groups and visit law students regularly, using their input to ensure that our careers resources and services are as relevant and up to date as possible.

When a new lawyer might contact me: You’ll probably contact me to ask about our current events, sign up as a volunteer to our Street Law programme. You might also call me to ask about the current funding picture if you are considering studying law. I also offer career advice to new lawyers and those considering a career in law.