The Law Society of Scotland, in partnership with Peppy Health, has launched a comprehensive menopause support resource, designed to help individuals and firms access the support that they need.

Tailored to the Scottish legal profession, the guide offers: information on the menopause and its symptoms; recommendations to organisations on how to support their employees through menopause and develop clear processes and policies; advice for individuals on managing symptoms; and further resources to explore.

Sarah Gilzean, Convener of the Law Society of Scotland’s Equalities Law Reform Committee and contributor to the guidance, said: “I am delighted to launch this menopause resource for the Scottish legal profession. Women make up more than half of all solicitors in Scotland and two-thirds of new entrants to the Scottish legal profession, so it is imperative that the profession takes women’s health seriously and the menopause should be no exception.

“Menopause still carries a certain stigma and a degree of embarrassment and hesitancy to discuss it. We need to dismantle this taboo, so that organisations and their leaders fully understand the impact of the menopause on their employees and are able to support them, and that individuals feel empowered to talk about the menopause and are informed of the symptoms, be they experiencing it first hand or supporting someone through it.”

Elena Moneta, Head of Growth at Peppy Health, said: "We're thrilled to be launching the menopause support resource in partnership with the Law Society of Scotland. At Peppy, we're on a mission to lift the stigma that surrounds menopause in the workplace, while providing real, clinician-led support to those going through this important life transition. We hope this resource will pave the way to more inclusive and supportive workplaces across the legal sector and beyond." 

The Law Society and Peppy will celebrate the launch of the guidance at a free, online event on Wednesday, 28 October, at 12 noon. We will be joined by an expert panel of speakers to share best practice, discuss their personal experiences of menopause and think about the changing landscape for women in the working world.

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Menopause Support Resource

Our comprehensive menopause support guide, produced in partnership with Peppy, is designed to help individuals and firms access the support they need, with information, advice and further resources to explore.