Scotland's record on human rights should never be taken for granted.

Fllowing the publication of the report and recommendations from the National Taskforce on Human Rights Leadership, Amanda Millar, President of the Law Society of Scotland said: “The Law Society has been proud to contribute to the work of the National Taskforce on Human Rights Leadership through our representation on the taskforce and the working group. Scotland has a good record on human rights, but it is something which we need to continually strive to maintain and which should never be taken for granted.

“The statutory framework proposed by the taskforce will import internationally recognised human rights standards and protect the human rights of people in Scotland. We are committed to supporting the work needed to realise this critical goal in the next Parliament. As part of our priorities for the next Scottish Parliament we have urged all political parties to actively promote the rule of law and human rights across all activity by Parliament and Government and to challenge any opposition to this fundamental cornerstone of our democracy.”

The Law Society of Scotland was represented on the National Taskforce by Fiona Killen, a solicitor member of the Society’s Constitutional Law Sub-Committee.

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Our 2021 Election Priorities

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