What’s the scam?

It’s come to our attention that a scam firm, calling itself RTS Legal (also known as Road Traffic Specialists, also known as Legally Covered), is again trying to gain business from clients via their website.

Another website for this fake firm was previously taken down but has reappeared at http://roadspecialistlaw.co.uk.

The website is using the staff photos and names from the website of a genuine firm based in England called Lupton Fawcett LLP.

We understand that the telephone number used on the bogus website (0843 886 6154) has been used by other scam firms purporting to be based in Scotland (www.blackfriarslegal.co.uk and www.carterlaa.co.uk).

What are we doing?

The firm whose website the scam is duplicating have been notified, as have the police.

What should you do?

Do not respond to correspondence or calls reporting to be from RTS Legal, Blackfriars Legal or Carter Legal Associates.

Contact the police if you suspect a scam.

You can check if a firm or individual solicitor is genuine by using our Find a Solicitor tool.

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Fraud and scam alerts

We regularly issue alerts to members and the public in response to threats to the profession. We also raise awareness of any potential scams involving fake solicitors or firms.