Supporting the legal profession, technological transformation and protecting the public interest lie at the heart of the Law Society of Scotland’s annual plan for 2021/22.

The plan outlines 32 key projects within each of the Law Society’s strategic goals to assure, support, influence, excel and evolve and will deliver year two of the Society’s interim two-year strategy which was developed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Projects include:

  • Engaging with the Scottish Government's consultation on legal services regulation, working to ensure reform is considered a priority within the Scottish Parliament
  • IT transformation and driving forward improvements to the technology infrastructure underpinning our work, enhancing performance, connectivity, security and resilience
  • Lessening our impact on the environment by agreeing and implementing a new carbon management programme.
  • Agreeing a new five-year strategy for 2022-27
  • Launching a work-based route to qualification as a solicitor

Lorna Jack, Chief Executive of the Law Society of Scotland, said: “I am pleased to share this ambitious plan for the next 12 months. It will see the Law Society complete the second year of its interim two-year strategy which was developed in light of the Covid -19 pandemic.   It’s been an extremely challenging time for the profession since the pandemic began, and this is the second year in a row where the Society will be operating to a budget with a reduced practising certificate fee for members. This year’s has been set at 10% lower than pre-pandemic costs. The projects that are planned have been well thought out, and the Society remains committed to supporting the profession through this fragile economic recovery.

“As always, protecting the public interest is at the forefront of the Society’s efforts, and one of the top priorities will be arguing strongly for the Society’s regulatory role in the government’s consultation and review of legal services regulation.”

Growing associate member categories, as well as building on work around social mobility, alternative routes to qualification and continuing to promote the benefits of increased diversity throughout the profession, focusing on gender equality, racial inclusion and disability also feature in the plan. Projects also include an emphasis on IT transformation within the Society and looking ahead to a new hybrid way of working.

Lorna Jack added: “The Law Society is also very much focusing on continuing its own transformation in the way it works with the better use of technology. There are two major IT transformation projects to deliver, alongside developing a fully new hybrid way of working, all of which will be of the benefit not only to the staff team and the profession they support, but also to hundreds of committee volunteers from across the legal profession and other sectors.

“It’s a really exciting, but challenging year ahead - the Society will of course be appointing a new chief executive imminently, I am confident that my successor will ensure that the team at the Society continue to drive forward these improvements which will bring tangible benefits for our members and the clients who rely on their advice and expertise.

All 32 projects can be found at

Our strategy

Our strategy Leading Legal Exellence 2020-2022 sets out our priorities for the organisation and supporting members after the pandemic.