We are seeking our members' views on the impact of Brexit on your clients and also any other issues with cross border negotiation and litigation.

We have set up a private international law reference group to assess this impact on both Scottish solicitors and their clients and are keen to know if your experiences of acting on behalf of clients is straightforward or is any more difficult as a result of Brexit.

It is important that we have a better idea of practitioners’ experience in order to better inform our policy development. We are therefore very keen to learn from solicitors' views and experiences of work which involves a cross- border element and which may have been affected by changes following the UK’s departure from the EU both in relation to negotiations and enforcement of foreign judgments.

We would also be interested to know of any difficulties in your role as notary public when notarising documents from use overseas. This could include your experience of client cases which, for example, aim to give effect in Scotland to foreign judgments obtained in the EU or to give effect to a Scottish decree in an EU member state.

If you are involved in cross border work, please respond to this short survey, which is completely anonymous and can be completed in 10-15 minutes, by Friday 13th May at 5pm

Your views will help shape our ongoing work in this area and identify any support we can provide to our members.

Complete our survey on Brexit and cross-border negotiation and litigation

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