Sixty one new solicitors have been admitted to the profession at the Law Society of Scotland’s latest admission ceremony, which took place on Friday at the Signet Library in Edinburgh.

At the ceremony, President of the Law Society, Alison Atack said, “It is a great privilege for me to congratulate you on becoming solicitors. In this room, full of talented women and men, there is the potential to move mountains.

“The very act of becoming a solicitor and a member of our wonderful Scottish legal profession, is something from which you can take great satisfaction. I have been qualified for many years and still remind myself that our legal education and qualification in Scots law, is highly sought after around the world.”

The ceremony was also addressed by Baroness Goldie, former leader of the Scottish Conservatives and herself a solicitor, and by Lorna Jack, chief executive of the Society, who spoke about the Society's services and the many ways new lawyers can become involved with its work.

Ms Jack said: “The Law Society is here to support you, your career development and your futures and regulation is a core and key part of what we do. It is critical that you and your colleagues have clear and robust rules to guide you in the course of your roles, but there is so much more on offer to help you to not just do your jobs, but to excel in your roles, as fulfilled and happy individuals.”

The new solicitors admitted are:

Deborah Allan
Aysha Anwar
Marrya Bashir
Kirsten Belk
Alexandra Bradley
Jennifer Caldwell
Thomas Carr
Christopher Clark
Hazel Clark
Hayley Clarkson
Jodie Cox
Emma Craig
Louise Crichton
Gerard Davis
Lucy Deakin
Andrew Deans
Rachael Delaney
Simon Dempsey
Rebecca Devaney
Marcus Downie
Kyle Dunn
Joanna Elder
Emma Finch
Blaire Ford
Rosie Gollan
Lara Graham
Andrew Graham-Smith
Csilla Gyori
Fergus Hand
Charlotte Jones
Kimberly Kane
Hazel Kerr
Chloe Law
Donald Mackay
Colin MacKay
Kara Marriott
Ross Matthew
Hannah McCulloch
Lauren McDonach
Kirsti McKenzie
Rebecca Menzies
Samantha Millar
Graeme Milloy
Ryan Morton
Lauren Mullen
Ioan Oltean
Stuart Orr
Melanie Paterson
Hannah Pearson
Emily Perrett
Rebecca Ross
Kirsty Shaw
Craig Smith
Angela Strzyzewska
Mallorie Sullivan
Rachel Todd
Andrew Walker
Alexander Walker
Hannah Ward
Shannan Wilkie
Tamara Young