Solicitors' firms will be able to track their simple procedure cases online from Tuesday of this week, 13 March, Scottish Courts & Tribunals Service has confirmed.

The facility comes with the launch of phase one of Civil Online, the system that will eventually enable simple procedure cases to be brought and managed digitally, with claims and responses being made online and files kept digitally.

Under phase one, a case tracker will allow claimants, respondents and their representatives, to:

  • see their case details;
  • see the date and time of any hearings for the case;
  • see the description of any documents lodged in the case or created by the court.

While the intention is to make Civil Online a modern means of submitting simple procedure claims, there will always be an alternative available for those who cannot use or access a digital process.

To secure access, solicitor firms must be registered to use Civil Online. The registration form can be accessed via this link. 

Since the start of the year more than 750 solicitor firms involved in simple procedure cases have been contacted, inviting them to register for the service.

Individuals seeking access to the Civil Online tracker will need to have provided an email address with their case registration in court. This together with the case number provides the secure online login to Civil Online.

For more information visit Civil Online FAQs.