Views on whether the new climate change laws proposed by the Scottish Government are tough enough have been invited by a Holyrood Committee.

The Environment, Climate Change & Land Reform Committee has issued its call for evidence on the Climate Change (Emissions Reduction Targets) (Scotland) Bill, which it is examining at stage 1.

The bill sets a target of a 90% reduction in all greenhouse gases by 2050, and introduces more challenging interim targets than the present legislation, including a 66% drop by 2030 and 78% by 2040.

It also allows for steps towards achieving a 100% emission reduction in the future. 

The original Climate Change (Scotland) Act of 2009 set targets to cut 80% of harmful emissions by 2050.

Committee convener Graeme Dey MSP commented: “It’s now the job of our Committee to not only put the bill to the test but also examine the case being made to show even greater ambition.

“We want to hear a wide range of views on whether the new targets and interim targets are strong enough, as well as the steps needed to achieve net-zero emissions in the future, and what changes we’ll need to make in our day-to-day lives.

“Around the world, we’ve all seen the catastrophic damage caused by climate change and the great threat this has on wildlife, natural environments and of course our lives and the lives of our children. That’s why it’s hugely important we get this right and act now if we’re to protect future generations.”

Click here to view the call for evidence. The deadline for responses is 23 August 2018.