Global law firm CMS has launched its 2021 law scholarship scheme, to support deserving senior school students with hopes of a career in law.

The scheme, which has run since 2012, provides financial support, mentoring support and paid work experience, this year for up to 10 successful applicants across the UK. It is aimed at "students who have the potential to become great lawyers and specifically those that are from backgrounds which research shows are less likely to achieve a place at university and are less likely to make it into the legal profession".

Applicants have to meet academic and financial background requirements and at least one of a set of financial eligibility criteria.

They also need to say why they want to become a lawyer, what winning a scholarship would mean to them, and answer one of two essay questions, using 750 to 1000 words:

  1. “It is fair to place restrictions on those who refuse vaccines.” Do you agree?
  2. Are all forms of protest legitimate?

Students from the scheme have gone on to study at some of the UK's most prestigious universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, and to win training contracts to become lawyers at leading firms, including CMS.

Click here to find out more, and to access the application process (which differs between Scotland and the rest of the UK). The closing date for all applications is 30 June 2021.