A Victims’ Code for Scotland has been launched to set out the rights of victims in clear and simple language.

Available in 11 languages apart from English, the code covers standards of service from the criminal justice authorities, rights to information after reporting a crime and on release of offenders, rights to support participation in proceedings (including interpretation and giving a victim statement), protective measures, victim support services, and rights to compensation and expenses.

Minister for Community Safety and Legal Affairs Paul Wheelhouse, who launched the code on European Day for Victims of Crime, said that anyone who had been a victim of crime should have confidence that they would receive the right support and advice through the criminal justice process. He commented: “This new Victims’ Code for Scotland will build on the progress already made by clearly and simply setting out the rights of victims in one place. By ensuring their interests remain at the heart of the criminal justice system we can help victims continue to feel supported and informed at every stage of the process.”

He added: “As well as making practical improvements in Scotland, measures such as the Victims’ Rights Directive help demonstrate that the EU is not simply about economic union but also about solidarity, social protection and mutual support.”

Click here to view the code.