The Equality & Human Rights Commission has launched a consultation on its litigation and enforcement policy from 2019 to 2022.

The policy sets out how the Commission decides to use its legal powers, covering the decision-making framework, the impact it seeks and the approach it takes when using its powers.

In the policy, it explains how it will use those powers to drive meaningful change across the core aim and priority aims in its strategic plan. It is committed to increasing its compliance and enforcement work under the new strategic plan, and using its unique powers to achieve the most impact.

The Commission said the policy "will give added clarity and focus to our work, enabling us to tackle the biggest and most important equality and human rights issues facing people today".

Its consultation would only take a few minutes to complete and it would welcome "a wide range of responses from Scottish legal stakeholders including lawyers and relevant NGOs".

Click here to access the consultation, which runs for six weeks until 15 July 2019.