Strategies to provide the best safeguards for women and girls at greatest risk from domestic abuse are the subject of a new Scottish Government consultation.

As part of their Equally Safe programme to prevent and eradicate violence against women and girls, ministers are seeking views on strengthening multi-agency risk assessment and intervention for victims of domestic abuse. Introduced in 2005, multi-agency risk assessment conferences (MARACs) are one factor in helping to deliver a consistent approach, by ensuring that individuals at greatest risk from domestic abuse are supported through safe, relevant and proportionate information sharing, and the development of an effective multi-agency action plan to increase their safety.

The new consultation aims to ensure that thinking on how best to do this is informed by the best possible evidence, by gathering the views of those who are directly involved in protecting people at high risk of violence and who are working in partnership with others to ensure that interventions are early and effective.

Click here to access the consultation. The deadline for responses is midnight on 2 March 2019.