Discounted registration fees as an inducement to add properties to Scotland's Land Register have been extended for a futher two years.

The 25% reduction, introduced last year by Registers of Scotland to encourage voluntary registration of properties on the register when no transaction is taking place, was originally guaranteed until the next fee review in 2017 but has now been extended until mid-2019.

The Keeper of the Registers has been set the target by the Scottish Government of having ownership of all land in Scotland recorded on the Land Register by 2024, which would mean all titles being shown on a single computerised map. Many titles are still held on the older Register of Sasines, which is based on written descriptions of the property, and some land has never appeared on any public register.

Owners can apply for voluntary registration of an unregistered plot of land at any time, if they meet the application conditions. The application form is designed to help the applicant satisfy the Keeper that the registration conditions are met. Where no title problems are discovered, the applicant in a voluntary registration will benefit from the Keeper's warranty that they have a good titile.

Applications that do not qualify for voluntary registration application form will be rejected if submitted using this form.

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