Proposals for legislation to tackle the causes of child poverty in Scotland will be published during the summer, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced today.

A Child Poverty Bill will build on the Child Poverty Strategy in place since 2014, and sets a course in opposition to that of the UK Government, which has abandoned income-based child poverty targets previously enshrined in legislation.

Ms Sturgeon also announced that she has re-appointed Naomi Eisenstadt as the Scottish Government’s Independent Poverty Adviser for another 12 months.

Speaking during a visit to the Prince’s Trust earlier today, the First Minister pledged that the Government would do all it could to tackle the inequality that still existed in Scotland.

Ms Sturgeon said: “The consultation and bill will allow us to refine our approach and ensure it best meets the needs of those who so desperately need it and I am delighted to announce it on the same day as I announce Naomi’s reappointment. Her work has provided hugely valuable insight into our proposals in tackling inequality and given the Scottish Government a clear focus for going forward.

“By repealing large parts of the Child Poverty Act 2010, including the income-based child poverty targets, the UK Government has signalled that they do not see child poverty and the incomes of poor families as priorities. That is fundamentally wrong. With the introduction of this new legislation, the Scottish Government is sending the message, in the strongest possible terms, that we profoundly disagree."