A review of building regulations enforcement and fire safety issues has been launched by the Scottish Government, following safety scares at a number of Edinburgh schools as well as the fire tragedy at Grenfell Tower.

A consultation opened today covers two main areas:

  • the roles and responsibilities of people verifying, inspecting and certifying building work and strengthening enforcement of and compliance with building regulations; and
  • specific fire safety standards relating to external cladding and cavities, escape, the provision of sprinklers, and the proposal for a "central hub" for verifying complex fire engineered solutions.

It follows the findings in the report of the Independent Inquiry into the Construction of Edinburgh Schools, and the Grenfell Tower fire in London, and the proposals of two expert review panels set up to review aspects of the Scottish building standards regulatory framework in the wake of these.

Proposed changes outlined in the consultation aim to improve compliance with building standards during the design and construction of all buildings, with a particular focus on complex and high value public buildings; and to address fire safety related issues in relation to high rise domestic buildings and certain other residential buildings.

Ministers are seeking the views of any organisation or individual with an interest in ensuring the legislation and associated technical guidance fully address the issues raised in relation to:

  • the level of detailing accompanying building warrant applications and completion certificates;
  • the construction of buildings; and
  • the safety of occupants in the event of a fire in dwellings, particularly those in high rise buildings.

Click here to access the consultation. The deadline for responses is 26 September 2018.