Further proposals to extend the bodies covered by Scotland's freedom of information legislation have been announced in the Scottish Parliament. 

Joe FitzPatrick, Minister for Parliamentary Business, told MSPs that the Government was developing a consultation to cover services traditionally provided by public authorities that are now being provided by the third sector or private contractors, which he acknowledged the Liberal Democrats had been pressing for.

He also confirmed that the terms of an order are currently being finalised that would extend coverage of the Act to registered social landlords. 

Mr FitzPatrick was replying to a Labour motion calling for an independent review of Scottish Government practice on freedom of information, criticised last week in a report by Scottish Information Commissioner Daren Fitzhenry (click here for news report).

Following a division an amended motion was agreed, noting the concerns raised by the Commissioner and the Government's acceptance of his recommendations, agreeing the proposed extension and consultation, and calling for published reports on implementation of the Government's action plan.

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