Parents of children affected by the school closures in Edinburgh have a “statable case” for compensation, according to a solicitor advocate at Thompsons Solicitors. 

Speaking to the Edinburgh Evening News, Glen Millar suggested that there had been a "clear breach of duty" by the builders of the 17 schools ordered to close while structural defects were investigated.

Around 9,000 pupils have been affected in total, some 2,000 of which have so far been allowed to return or have been found alternative premises. Parents have been hit by addtional childcare and other costs, which Mr Miller estimated could “easily” be worth millions.

The Edinburgh Schools Partnership consortium, which runs the schools, has said it will take full financial responsibility for repairs to the buildings, which were erected or refurbished in the early 2000s under PPP/PFI arrangements. Council chief executive Andrew Kerr said he had "raised the prospect" of parents' claims being met. However it is understood that no specific discussions have yet taken place.