A retired Queen's Counsel who is taking action against the Scottish Government because he received no pension for serving as President of the Pensions Appeal Tribunal for Scotland had his claim heard before an employment tribunal yesterday, the Herald reports.

Colin McEachran QC, who held his post from 1995 to 2013, claims that he did similar work to other full time judicial figures, such as the President of the Lands Tribunal for Scotland, but received no pension whereas they did. Claiming discrimination against him as a part time woprker, in evidence he stated the tribunal dealt with injuries to ex-service personnel, and complex cases involving post-traumatic stress disorder and claims of bullying, similarly to cases before the courts.

The Scottish Government says the difference is due to the tribunal role not being included in the Judicial Pensions and Retirement Act 1993, unlike those cited by Mr McEachran. It also challenges whether the tribunal dealt with the same complexity of work, having generally shorter hearings and less formal procedure.