Registered social landlords are again being proposed for inclusion under Scotland's freedom of information laws.

The Scottish Government has launched a further consultation the proposed extension, which has been called for over a period of years by campaigners, following the transfer of local authorithy housing stock.

Ministers have previously mooted such an extension, but held back when extemnding the Freedom of Information Act to bodies undertaking other local authority-related services such as leisure, sporting, cultural, security, care and educational functions.

Minister for Parliamentary Business, Joe FitzPatrick, said: “This latest consultation sets out proposals to extend FOI information rights to registered social landlords (RSLs) on the basis that they undertake functions of a public nature. It also demonstrates our ongoing commitment to ensuring that Scotland’s freedom of information legislation remains robust and up-to-date."

He added: “We encourage responses from tenants, registered social landlords, the wider housing sector, other interested stakeholders and the public.”

Click here to access the consultation. The deadline for responses is 23 February 2017.