Registers of Scotland's ScotLIS land information service was officially launched this morning by the Keeper, Sheenagh Adams.

ScotLIS, claimed by Registers as a "lynchpin" of its digital transformation programme, is designed as an easy to use, map-based, online service which for the first time provides access to comprehensive information about any piece of land or property in Scotland.

Currently it contains Registers' own data, but it will eventually combine with other public sector and government datasets to offer a valuable tool both to professionals and the general public.

Commenting on the launch, Ms Adams said: "Our ambition is for ScotLIS to become the platform of choice for land and property information in Scotland. ScotLIS is an enormous achievement, which we will further develop in the coming year, and it reflects our endeavour to be as innovative as possible in the way that we deliver our services."

She added: "I am looking forward to seeing how citizens use this service: be it resolving boundary disputes or gaining clarity on land ownership across our communities, there are countless opportunities to empower the people of Scotland through the value of the data offered by Registers of Scotland."

Professor Stewart Brymer, who sat on the task force that oversaw the development of ScotLIS, added: "In 2015, the Deputy First Minister, John Swinney, accepted a recommendation from a task force chaired by the Keeper that ScotLIS should be developed and made available to the people of Scotland by October 2017. I am delighted to join the Keeper today to be part of the launch of this service and look forward to seeing it develop over the coming months. ScotLIS is an important step for Scotland’s digital first strategy as well as playing a key role in land reform.

"ScotLIS will be a national asset for everyone. Not only will professionals benefit but the general public will too. For the first time everyone in Scotland will have access to map-based property information through a single portal. ScotLIS reflects our ambition to make the information that belongs to the people of Scotland as accessible as possible."

ScotLIS can be accessed at: