The Court of Session in Edinburgh has ruled against a challenge by the Scotch whisky industry over plans to set a minimum price for alcohol in Scotland. The Scotch Whisky Association said the plans were a breach of European Law.

The ruling now paves the way for the Scottish government to implement its policy, passed by MSPs in 2012. Under the plans, a price of 50p per unit of alcohol would be set, taking a bottle of spirits to at least £14.

The Scottish government, health professionals, police, alcohol charities and some members of the drinks industry believe minimum pricing would help address Scotland's "unhealthy relationship with drink".

But the Scotch Whisky Association and wine makers brought a challenge claiming it was a breach of trade law.

After one ruling by the Court of Session, the issue was referred to the European Court of Justice, which ruled last December that European law may have been breached, but it was up to national courts to make the decision.

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