The Lord President has published the first annual report by the President of Scottish Tribunals, Lady Smith.

It covers the period from 1 December 2016, when the first tribunal was transferred into the new structure established under the Tribunals (Scotland) Act 2014, to 31 March 2018, and details the work undertaken within the new Scottish Tribunals structure.

During that period, the Housing & Property Chamber, the Tax Chamber (Scottish Tax Tribunals), the Health & Education Chamber (Additional Support Needs Tribunal) and the General Regulatory Chamber (Scottish Charities Appeals Panel) transferred into the Scottish Tribunals, and the report sets out the programme of further transfers up to April 2022, beginning with the Mental Health Tribunal in November 2018.

It also covers training and support for tribunal members, and figures for complaints received and concluded.

Lady Smith commented: “Scottish tribunals have always been justifiably proud of being user focused, informal, flexible and with straightforward procedures. Those themes have been continued within the tribunals that have transferred into the 2014 Act system. There is clear commitment to maintaining these themes by the tribunals’ judiciary, their members and by the tribunals’ administration.

“I am extremely grateful to the Tribunal Presidents, those tribunal members who have collaborated with them to facilitate a smooth transition and those staff within the Scottish Courts & Tribunals Service who have provided invaluable and dedicated support throughout.”

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