The Law Society of Scotland's work with three parliaments to help make good law is spotlighted in the Society's latest video, launched today.

"Helping to shape good law in Scotland and beyond" explains how the Society, with a large cast of volunteers, helps to inform the work of lawmakers across the Scottish, UK and European parliaments.

Introducing the video, Christine McLintock, President of the Society said: “Helping to shape good law is a fundamental part of the work we do here at the Society, and it is one of the ways in which we seek to achieve our statutory duty to work in the public interest.

“Our small, but highly skilled staff team work with our network of over 200 volunteers, each of whom specialises in a particular area of law, from family and inheritance law, through consumer, employment and tax law and everything in between. Our volunteers are also not solely solicitors; we have a number who are professionals in other fields, such as accountants, clinicians and academics, and their knowledge and expertise is invaluable to the work that we do.

“This vast diversity of experience of enables us to respond to government consultations, prepare briefings on bills that are making their way through Parliament and helps us to shape our policy positions. While we mostly focus our work on the Scottish and UK Parliaments, we do keep an eye on Europe, and our team in Brussels is instrumental at keeping us up to date with the latest legislative developments.”

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