The Scottish Young Lawyers’ Association has announced details of its 2016 Annual Conference.

"Progression in the Profession: Towards 2020" will take place at the Westerwood Resort, outside Glasgow, on Saturday 14 May. It will ask delegates the question: where do you want to be in 2020, professionally and personally?

Featuring sessions on the development of an entrepreneurship culture in Scotland, online business generation for young lawyers, an insight into what in-house counsel want and need from their advisers, how to progress as a young lawyer and how to build your brand as a young professional, it offers six hours' CPD for the rate of £65 (£45 for students) and welcomes leading speakers from both the legal profession and the wider business sector in Scotland.

These include Catherine Loughran, senior legal counsel at Skyscanner; Mairi Damer, WORD UP Communications; Cameron Adrain, of Frasia Wright Associates; Russell Dalgleish, ‎from Exolta Capital Partners; Chris Davidson, of Moore Legal Technology; Stephen Harrower, Ross Cullen and Alison Fitzsimons, from Tilney BestInvest; and Josh Quigley, The Tartan Explorer.

The keynote address will be given by Frances McMenamin QC, with the title "20 years of progression: lessons learned and looking towards the next".

The conference is sponsored by Scott & Co.

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