Three practice notes have been issued by the Sheriff Principal of Lothian & Borders, principally covering the conduct of personal injury actions including those in the All-Scotland Personal Injury Court.

Practice Note no 3 of 2016, which applies to personal injury actions in the Sheriff Personal Injury Court and the sheriff court, is an extensive one covering procedural matters generally, relating to chapter 36 of the Ordinary Cause Rules, and also chapter 34 of the Summary Cause Rules so long as that continues in force.

Practice Note no 4 of 2016, applying to the Sheriff Personal Injury Court, provides that accounts of expenses are to be lodged with the sheriff clerk for onward transmission to the auditor of the Sheriff Personal Injury Court in Parliament House.

Both came into force on 15 August 2016.

Practice Note no 2 of 2016, issued in June, relates to all proofs and jury trials in Edinburgh Sheriff Court (including the Personal Injury Court) and states that the digital recording equipment installed at the court has been approved and is available for the recording of evidence without the need to seek the authority of the court or to ascertain the availability of a shorthand writer. It also provides guidance as to its use. 

All of the above can be accessed via the Sheriff Personal Injury Court page on the Scottish Courts website.

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