A Holyrood committee has issued its call for evidence at stage 1 of the consolidating Bankruptcy (Scotland) Bill.

The bill, which brings numerous amending pieces of legislation together into a single coherent Act, drafted by the Scottish Law Commission, is going through the special parliamentary procedure for law reform measures supervised by the Delegated Powers & Law Reform Committee.

In its call for evidence on the bill, the committee asks among other questions whether the time is right for a consolidation, whether the bill has captured everything it should, and whether the approach taken is correct.

Committee convener Nigel Don MSP commented: "Whilst in looking at consolidation bills the committee doesn’t consider the policy behind the proposals, it’s important that as a committee we understand if this bill is necessary and if it consolidates the law clearly, coherently and consistently.

“The committee’s role is to consider whether the bill should proceed as a consolidation bill. To answer that question, we are looking for views as to whether bankruptcy law should be consolidated, and if so whether the approach taken here effectively achieves that.”

Views are invited until 8 December 2015.