2018 AML Certificate headlines

Fraser Sinclair, our AML Auditor shares the headlines from our first ever AML Certificate process.

SSDT consultation: standard of proof

The Scottish Solicitors’ Discipline Tribunal (SSDT) is consulting on the standard of proof which it applies in professional misconduct cases.

Platinum blog series

In the latest in our series of platinum anniversary blogs, Scottish solicitor at the Crofting Commission and Rural Affairs Sub-committee member, David Findlay looks at the introduction of a new phase of crofting law and a new Crofting Commission.

Council election rounds sees new and familiar faces and co-conveners elected to the In-house Lawyers Committee

One brand new member and four familiar faces have been elected by their peers to join the Law Society of Scotland’s Council, in the latest round of contested elections.

Giuseppe Pia: Decoding legal tech

Giuseppe Pia, trainee at Burness Paull, is the first person to undertake a legal tech seat at the firm; a dual role with the Tech & Commercial team and the firm’s innovation manager. Over the course of three blogs, Giuseppe will de-code the hot topic of legal tech and explain what he’s learning about this growing area of legal service.

Greater publicity required on importance of making a will

In our response to a Scottish Government consultation, we have stressed the importance of making a will and keeping it updated.

Law Society launches first sector-wide survey on mental health

We are urging everyone working in Scotland’s legal sector to take part in a new survey on mental health in the workplace.

Law Society tribute to Dr Iain Macmillan CBE

The Law Society of Scotland has paid tribute to its former President Iain MacMillan CBE, who passed away on 8 May 2019.

Loss of EU environmental governance could see drop in current protections in UK post-Brexit

We have called for current environmental protections to remain intact after the UK leaves the European Union.

How to get a more diverse group of people applying to your organisation

Rob Marrs, our Head of Education, talks about the recent roundtable we hosted for people from a black, Asian and minority ethnic background, and explains the steps you can take to get a more diverse group of people applying to your organisation.

It's all about SARs...

SARs Liason Lead at the UK Financial Intelligence Unit (UKFIU), Tony Fitzpatrick, got together with our Head of Anti-money laundering (AML), Graham Mackenzie at our Edinburgh offices to film a free webinar for Law Society of Scotland members.

Platinum blog series

In the latest in our series of platinum anniversary blogs, Senior Solicitor at Renfrewshire Council and member of our Privacy Law Sub-committee, Mark Conroy, argues that freedom of information legislation has changed the landscape in Scotland and brought about more transparency and honesty.