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15 tips for getting a training contract

Rob Marrs, head of education at the Law Society of Scotland, explains some of the basic ways you can improve your chances of getting that elusive traineeship position.

Exciting opportunity in Brussels for trainee solicitors

Our Brussels office is offering UK trainee solicitors a unique opportunity to undertake a six month secondment starting in March 2018.

What in-house taught me

Ayla Skene, Council member for new lawyers, explains what impact her time working in-house had on her career and skill set.

Why networking groups are important for your career

Tim Taylor, a second year trainee solicitor at Hastings Legal explains why widening your networks can benefit your career and why he set up Scottish Borders Young Professionals (SBYP).

What employers want from students at law fairs

Olivia Parker, our Careers Development Officer at the Law Society, discusses September's recent round of law fairs. What did students do well and what do employers wish they did better?

Top 5 things trainees want to know

Olivia Parker, Careers Development Officer looks at the top 5 things trainees want to know.

International Mentoring Day 2017

On International Mentoring Day, we are delighted to share blogs from three participants in our career mentoring scheme. Mentors, Thembe McInnes and David Bryson, share their thoughts, while Abbie McCreath explains how she benefited from being mentored.

Finding the firm that's right for you

Chris Miller, due to start his traineeship at Brodies in 2019, discusses how to get to know the right firm for you.

Keeping your client out of prison - what is a criminal solicitor's role?

In his latest blog, John Brannigan delves into what working as a criminal defence solicitor is really all about.

A student’s perspective on ‘the greater good’

Dan McManus, student associate of the Law Society of Scotland, reviews his experience of our annual conference, Leading Legal Excellence: For the Greater Good.

Four reasons you should check your grammar

Rob Marrs, Head of Education, tells us why getting your grammar correct is so important

My top 10 tips for a successful secondment

Emily Callaghan discusses secondments and how to get the most out of going on placement as part of your traineeship.