Convener: Jim Stephenson

Secretary: Andrew Alexander (

Aims & functions of the committee

The aims and functions are to:
  • promote access to justice for the public
  • identify barriers to access to justice and, where possible, work alone or with others to identify or implement solutions
  • monitor the supply of publicly funded legal assistance across Scotland, encouraging greater coordination of services
  • identify opportunities to promote pro bono work
  • build the Society's relationship with law centres, Part V solicitors, and other advice providers
  • examine how a range of funding sources for, and providers of, legal advice can be encouraged
  • liaise and negotiate with external organisations, such as Scottish Government, Citizens Advice and others
  • collaborate with other LSS committees, including Civil Justice, the Civil Legal Aid Negotiating Team, Mental Health and Disability, Equality and Diversity and Human Rights and Discrimination

Jim Stephenson (Convener) 
Ben Christman*
Malcolm Combe 
Louise Johnston*
Joyce Horsman
Eileen Barr
Rebecca Samaras
Cameron Wong McDermott
Claire Osborne
Emily McCall
Laura Wylie
Arlene McDaid
Sheekha Saha
Susan Stokeld*
Robert Sutherland*
Andrew Alexander (Secretary)