Finding a solicitor

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Yes, we can help you find a solicitor through the Find a Solicitor section on our website. We have a database of all solicitors in Scotland which you can search by location or the type of legal work that you need carried out.

We can’t recommend or appoint individual solicitors or firms. We represent all Scottish solicitors, so it would be unfair to recommend one of our members over another. This is why we normally suggest contacting a number of different firms.

'No win no fee’ is a term mainly used south of the border in England and Wales (a lot of the time in television adverts).  Firms in Scotland can take on a ‘no win no fee’ case, however they do not advise the Society if they do this or not – you’ll have to call them to see if they can and will. Firms would have to know the details of the case before deciding if they would take it on this way. In Scotland, firms may also do a first consultation free, however, again you have to contact firms and ask them if they are prepared to do this.

By ticking the legal aid box in our Find A Solicitor tool, you will only be shown firms who offer legal aid. If you have any queries regarding legal aid and eligibility, you can contact the Scottish Legal Aid Board on 0845 122 8686.

Not specifically. We recommend contacting a few solicitors in your area and enquiring whether they work with small claims. You may also wish to visit the Scottish Courts website for more details on the small claims court. It is often the case that you do not need a solicitor to represent you.

We don’t hold specific information on members who may also be qualified in the law of a country other than Scotland. We suggest contacting some of the bigger firms in Scotland who may have their own referral network or know of a solicitor who can assist you.

The Society's specialist accreditation scheme offers recognition of solicitors who develop specialist knowledge during their careers.

We can help you find a Law Society of Scotland accredited specialist through our Find a Solicitor tool.

It’s entirely at the solicitor’s discretion whether or not they can take on your case. If you’re struggling to find one, we would suggest contacting the Civil Legal Assistance Office.

There’s more information on their website.