Write a great CV

Are you confident you are formatting your CV in the best way and you are selling yourself to the best of your ability? Visit our CV clinic for tips about how to add that extra polish.

Guidance about applications

What to expect from application forms and speculative applications, including how to write a great covering letter.

Preparing for interviews

Tips on how to prepare for interviews, starting from the basics and covering common questions and different interview styles.

Boost your chances of securing a role

It can be hard-going when you're job seeking and you feel like you're not getting anywhere. Perhaps you're not securing interviews, or perhaps you're getting pipped to the post and just not receiving that final job offer. Exploring the above sections on CV writing, applications and interviews will help with your approach, by making sure your contact points with employers are positive.

While there are no magic formula to ensure you get the next role you apply for, there are a few key pieces of additional advice we would give to job-seekers to ensure they're heading in the right direction:

Gain additional skills and experience

Are you missing out on jobs due to lack of experience? Are you finding it hard to prove your commitment to a certain field? Are you slightly behind on new developments in the profession? Undertake some additional training by signing up to specific CPD courses that may be relevant to roles you're applying to. You might also want to diversify your skills to prove your flexibility, which can be attractive to employers.

Keep networking

Networking is a great way of finding new opportunities. Other people in the profession can provide ideas for potential career moves. You'll have to put yourself out there at events, but a wide variety of contacts can be really beneficial to your career development. It'll also make you extremely adept at marketing yourself.

Stay in touch with the profession

Make sure you're reading the Journal and other legal publications so you understand your position within the legal profession as a whole. Perhaps you're seeking a job in a field that's currently over-subscribed or uncommon in your geographic area. Make sure you have a grasp of the bigger picture - this will also serve you well in interviews as a conversation topic. If you're a new lawyer, join an organisation like TANQ (Trainee and Newly Qualified Society Scotland) or the SYLA (Scottish Young Lawyers' Association).

Keep yourself busy

It can be easier to find a job if you're in a job, or at least if you're busy. If you aren't currently employed, get some volunteering work, get involved with the Society and really consider joining our mentoring scheme. It will give you something to talk about at interviews and add to your CV, in addition to keeping your mind more relaxed.

Consider working as a locum

Working as a locum for a short-term period can expand your skill set, grow your experience and be a gateway to meeting many new people. Locum work could lead to permanent opportunities.

Are you looking for a traineeship?

Our best careers support for aspiring trainees is available to student associates. It's totally free to become a student associate and all Scots Law LLB, Diploma and pre-PEAT students can apply.