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Bloomsbury Professional are offering £200 worth of free books from their law, tax or fiction list. To enter, simply email with the subject heading Law Society Competition.

Be in with a chance to win one of 20 copies of the #1 bestseller—The Client Centered Law Firm when you sign up for a free demonstration of Clio.

Please visit Lawscot Wellbeing for support and information across all sectors of the profession. 

Lawscot Wellbeing are also running free lunchtime session throughout Mental Health Awareness Week, 10 - 14 May. More information can be found here

If you wish to know more about Amiqus, please check out their Open Banking webinar which can be found here. In it, alongside a discussion around their Open Banking feature, they'll explain in more detail who they are and how they can help our members.

Please see here for more information about The Mindful Enterprise. You can also contact Gary Young, Found/ CEO via LinkedIn

Emma J. Bell, Audible Bestselling Author, Resilience Expert, Coach.

See here for a free audible download of Emma's first book called 'The True You'. Here is also a link to Emma's new book, '9 Secrets to Thriving'. 

For advice on financial hygiene and good law firm funding, contact Scott Foster, S & S Foster Associates, Financial Consultant in the Professional Services Sector.

Scott Foster is also running an Essential Finance Skills course with CPD & Training throughout May. The course will help break through financial jargon to interpret account statements and balance sheets. More information can be found here

Explore the attitude, approach and actions of the best rainmaker with Michael Fleming, Co-Founder & Chief Executive of Kissing With Confidence.

The ‘Wonderwall’ referred to at the conference is a fantastic online platform full of additional online learning materials and links to further reading for business development. (password: t8vg5vk)

Michael Fleming is also running an Essential Business Development Skills course with CPD & Training through May-June. The course will deliver transformational skills and behaviours that can help you grow your business or law firm. This unique programme will help you increase your client numbers, win you pitches and develop outstanding teams. More information can be found here.

Anderson Anderson and Brown Consulting help clients with big ambitions and even bigger challenges. Find out more information here.

Contact: Mark Bell | Co-Founder and Partner for Consulting

In this Olympic year, what business insights can we glean from the experiences of a gold-medal-winning crew? You can find the full interactive ebook version here. Harriet Beveridge, Executive Coach, Broadcaster and Comic. 

Our Professional Practice team offers free and confidential support and advice on legal practice and procedure.

Contact details:

Find out more about LawscotTech and what it can do for you. 

Find out more about the Lawscot Foundation and how you can support the next generation of solicitors hereWhatever you can contribute - whether it's your time, expertise or financial support - will be greatly appreciated.

If you would like to keep in touch with Manjula Bray, Business Psychologist and Executive/Career Coach, please register here to keep in touch. 

"Judging - is it really your future?" -  read the article in the November 2020 Counsel magazine which takes you through the steps to prepare.

Please see here for resources designed to help you learn how to become trauma informed lawyers - and why this is so important. 

Useful videos:

Trauma informed approaches for lawyers working with victims and witnesses affected by trauma:
Part 1: Trauma and Credibility (9mins) 
Part 2: Trauma Informed Approaches (6mins) 
Part 3: Window of tolerance (7mins)

More information about trauma training from the National Trauma Training Programme can be found here.

Please click here to gain access to Myrna's podcast. 

"This podcast is brought to you in partnership with the Canadian Bar Association. It will serve as your educational resource on trauma-informed lawyering. Through inspiring interviews and thoughtful commentary, Myrna will shine a light on a critical competency you did not get any instruction on in law school. Trauma-informed lawyering is a do-no-further-harm, relational approach to the practice of law which benefits you, your clients, your colleagues and the legal profession generally. Lawyers, this is the education about trauma, vicarious trauma and trauma-informed lawyering you didn't know you needed. Artwork titled, "Lunar Messenger" by Colleen Gray."

Warriors: Revisiting the boys of Ballikinrain

The 2012 film by Bafta award winning filmmaker, Stephen Bennett. We encourage you to view the film below at your convenience or as part of the conference programme at 1:30pm on Thursday 29 April. At 4pm on the same day there will be a Q&A session with Stephen and Kirsty Giles of the Violence Reduction Unit.

"The Care system is just a prison for people too young to go to prison".

So says Bradley Noon. When I last filmed him he was 12 and in a care home called Ballikinrain, near Stirling – a place for kids who had been abused. Now 18 years old he wants to know why most of his former pals have ended up in prison, from petty crimes to attempted murder. Was this because they had been in Care?

“Warriors” tells the stories of Bradley, Paul and Ryan, once boys, now men. It examines how the ‘system’ has helped or damned them. Revisiting Ballikinrain Bradley is convinced this is the place that wrecked both his and his friends’ lives, but afterwards he wonders whether this is the case…

Later he meets John Carnochan, Head of the Violence Reduction Unit, a tough seen-it-all ex-Glasgow cop, lauded by the Prime Minister, who suggests the damage started far younger. Refusing to believe Bradley returns to where he grew up – a place he remembers his mother’s addictions – and is shaken. Could this be the route of all his – and his friends – problems? He meets foremost child psychologist Suzanne Zeedyk to find out how early such problems can be traced. Her answer - the womb. For Bradley and the audience it’s a moving journey.

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