The Smartcard reader must be installed before Smartcards and digital signatures can be used.

Installing the card reader is a three-part process:

1. Installing the hardware (the card reader)

These will have been handed out together with the Smartcard and should be available to every user. Please get in touch with the Smartcard team if more readers are needed.

2. Installing the manager application and driver

This can be done with an MSI file for automated installation. The Windows installer file can be used to automate the roll-out of the card manager application and associated middleware drivers using standard Active Directive practices. The MSI file will enable the silent installation and reduce the time taken to install the application within multiple client environments. Please note that the installation will require full administrative rights.

You can also download standalone install files (.zip) for Windows, Mac and OS Sierra operating systems.

3. Installing the public keys (a.k.a. certificates)

Again, this can be done via group policy. After completing this stage, automate the certificate installation using Active Directory group policy to import the four certificates. The distributing certificates via group policy guide provides step-by-step instructions.

To contact our IT team, please email