The Smartcard provides a secure digital signature and acts as a professional I.D. recognised across Europe and the world. Members can use it to offer a robust and reliable confirmation of credentials, helping reassure the public they are consulting a trusted legal advisor.

Receiving your Smartcard

Information on how you can start the process for getting your Smartcard.

Using your Smartcard

Advice and guidance for members on how to use your Smartcard and digital signature.

Installing your Smartcard

Step-by-step guides on how to install card reader and certificates.

Renewing the Smartcard Certificate

The digital signature on your Smartcard is valid for three years before it needs to be renewed. Here are step-by-step instructions.

About the Smartcard

Information about what the Smartcard is and how it can be used by Scottish solicitors.

Smartcard Partners

Our partners in the Smartcard project.

Scottish solicitor status check

Check if an individual holding a Smartcard is currently entitled to practise as a solicitor in Scotland.