D7: Registration of Foreign Lawyers

An applicant shall apply in writing to the Society for registration by completing (so far as applicable to him) and submitting an application in such form as the Council shall from time to time prescribe, and by making payment of such application fee(s) as the Council shall from time to time prescribe.


D7 / D8: Registration of Foreign Lawyers and Multi-national Practices

There is no bar to lawyers qualified in another jurisdiction working in Scotland, provided they do not describe themselves as "solicitors" and do not do certain types of work reserved by statute for Scottish qualified solicitors

Advice and Information

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Forms and Fees

D7: Registered Foreign Lawyers Forms

There are two relevant forms: Application for First Registration as a Foreign Lawyer – RFL1 – this is the appropriate form if you are a foreign lawyer making your first application to be a registered foreign lawyer.


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