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Hate crime: an open letter

Solicitor protests against ineffective action by authorities against child homophobia

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The last hope for corroboration?

It should be in the interests of all parties lobbying on the corroboration issue to take up the Law Society of Scotland's invitation to talks

Corroboration: room for modification?

The corroboration rule is needed as a safeguard, but there could be scope to review its application difficult cases

Stand up for our rights

Politicians' comments show how much the European Convention is needed

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Solicitors should not indicate agreement without proper information

Let the talking begin

Be prepared for tough talks over legal aid contracting - but at least there will be talks

Faith in our schools

The easy, but clearly wrong, criticism of denominational schools

Letter: unjustified acceptance

Reply to the February 2013 President's column

Letter: trial by jury

Vicky Pryce case should not result in further inroads

A bridge too far? A reply

Society legal aid team's response to the editor's blog criticising their acceptance of the Government's package