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Financial agreement without legal advice held not unfair

Sheriff Appeal Court upholds parties' freedom of contract

Limits to party's obligations on pension sharing, sheriff holds

Incidental order as way of overcoming liquidity problem refused

Law of accession does not determine matrimonial assets: sheriff

Home built on non-matrimonial plot should be valued separately

Matrimonial home treated like other assets for sharing

No inference to be drawn from title being in joint names

Adoption granted to prevent challenge to other orders

Court allows applications by children's aunt and her husband

First tenants' LBTT three-yearly returns due soon

Revenue Scotland in change of policy over reminders

Prepare for the new private residential tenancies

All new tenancies from 1 December must comply with 2016 Act

Third Party Rights Bill awaits Royal Assent

A commentary on the new law, which parties can voluntarily adopt

LBTT supplement relief change to be made retrospective

Bill will extend replacement dwelling concession brought in by order

Islands Bill to give local say in coastal waters projects

Policy making to have regard to special needs of island communities

Yes, private parking penalties can be enforced

Dundee case finds contract established on basis of signs

For the greater good

The profession should support those who attempt to improve the lot of the most vulnerable