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Greater consistency needed for vulnerable accused people

Report sets out five key steps to ensure greater consistency for vulnerable accused people

Career development mentoring - is it for you?

Nadine Martin, an associate in the family law team at Harper Macleod, explains why she wanted to become a mentor within the profession and tells us about the training required to do so.

Will I be replaced by a robot, or worse, an algorithm?

Digital expert Craig Paterson examines the challenges - and significant opportunities - of data and artificial intelligence in the legal sector

Pay boost recommended for trainee solicitors

Our governing Council agreed that the recommended remuneration for trainee solicitors should be £19,500 for those in their first year and £22,500 for second-year trainees, an increase of £500.

Legal aid fee increase must be part of wider reform

With a global 3% increase to legal aid fees taking effect from today, 26 April 2019, we have highlighted that this fee increase must be part of a wider package of reform.

Law Society criticises SLCC for failing to listen over budget plans

The Society has criticised the SLCC for failing to listen to concerns over its plans to impose a third consecutive above-inflation rise in its budget and levy, and has highlighted the need for improved oversight of the organisation.

Devolved taxes - tell us your views!

Our policy sub-committees are responding to the Scottish Government’s consultation on Devolved Taxes: Policy Framework and we would be pleased to hear from you with any views and experiences.

New rules provide greater clarity for Scottish solicitors

Changes to Law Society of Scotland Practice Rules will provide Scottish solicitors with greater clarity on what is expected of them in their interactions with the Society and their duty to comply with the 2017 Anti-Money Laundering Regulations.

Balance between freedom of expression and protection of reputation crucial to reform of defamation laws

In our response to the Scottish Government's consultation on defamation in Scots law, we have a called for a balance to be found between the right of freedom of expression and the right of protection of individual reputation.

Greater redundancy protection for women and new parents needed

We have called for greater redundancy protections for women and new parents returning to work from maternity leave, shared parental leave and adoption leave.

Career opportunities – where and why?

Alison Howells, law student at Edinburgh University, explains why you should seek legal experience in first and second year of university and how to do so.

Public policy highlights

Our policy committees have had a busy month analysing and responding to proposed changes in the law to positively influence the creation of a fairer and more just society.

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