What's the scam?

We have been made aware of a wave of fraudulent emails targeting Scottish solicitors and their clients.

Client email accounts are being hacked and emails sent to their solicitors, advising of changed of bank account details and requesting that funds are transferred to the new account.


What should you do?

Be on alert when receiving any email instructions from a client containing instructions regarding a financial transaction. Email accounts are susceptible to being hacked, so you should contact your client via other means. to verify the instructions.  Call or write to your client using the number and or address you have on file. Verify the instructions directly with your client, before taking any action.

Ensure that other members of your team are aware of the risks and the proper procedures.

If you suspect a fraud, or other internet crime, remember to report it on the Action Fraud website.

Where a fraud or scam has actually taken place, it should be reported directly to Police Scotland.

We recommend that you read our cybersecurity guide which includes tips for individuals receiving emails and what to think about before taking action.

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Frauds and scams

Information to help Scottish law firms avoid becoming the victim of fraud or becoming involved in the facilitation of fraud or money laundering.