What's the scam?

We have been informed of scam emails being sent to law firms and claiming to be from a client in connection with the purchase of a property.

We have raised alerts of this type of scam in the past and this particular scam echoes previous manifestations in that two consecutive emails are sent and received. The first enquires about conveyancing fees and the second purports to provide further information and figures enabling the recipient at the law firm to provide a more accurate quote. 

Our members shared examples of the scam emails they received and the exact text used is shown below.

There is nothing especially unusual about the content which might raise alarm bells, but you might notice some inconsistent use of capitalisation in the text.

What should you do?

Do not click the link to download the attachment on these emails.

If you suspect a fraud, or other internet crime, remember to report it on the Action Fraud website.

Where a fraud or scam has actually taken place, it should be reported directly to Police Scotland.

We recommend that you read our cybersecurity guide which includes tips for individuals receiving emails and what to think about before clicking on links and attachments.

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Frauds and scams

Information to help Scottish law firms avoid becoming the victim of fraud or becoming involved in the facilitation of fraud or money laundering.