We have been informed that a number of members of the public have recently received emails allegedly from OPBAS. In one such ‘phishing email’, the sender alleges that OPBAS assists those who have been scammed and asks the recipient to call a phone number or to email ‘aml@OPBAS.net’.

The Financial Conduct Authority has submitted a ‘takedown notification’ to the domain registrar to stop the fake email address from working.


What should you do?

Be vigilant. In particular, be alert to emails containing instructions regarding financial transactions or bank account details. Check the email address, not just the sender and look out for poor spelling or grammar, which may be indicators of a fraudulent email.
Do not click on any links, download any attachments, reply or call any numbers provided .

If you suspect a fraud remember to report it on the Action Fraud website

Where a fraud or scam has actually taken place, it should be reported directly to  Police Scotland.

Further information is available on the FCA website and in our cybersecurity guide which includes tips for individuals receiving emails.

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Fraud and scam alerts

We regularly issue alerts to members and the public in response to threats to the profession. We also raise awareness of any potential scams involving fake solicitors or firms.