The Council of the Law Society of Scotland passed a resolution on Ukraine and international rule of law when it met today, Friday, 4 March 2022, which condemned the ongoing illegal invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces.

Resolution on Ukraine and international rule of law

The Council of the Law Society of Scotland:

  1. condemns the ongoing illegal invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces.
  2. considers the actions of Russia to represent an egregious breach of the rule of law and an unacceptable attack on democracy.
  3. expresses its profound sympathy with the people of Ukraine and its solidarity with friends and colleagues in the Ukrainian Bar Association (UBA), and agrees for the President to write in those terms to Anna Ogrenchuk, President of the UBA.
  4. supports the position of the UBA in calling on the United Nations to consider establishing a special international tribunal for Russian officials responsible for the conflict.
  5. welcomes the statement from the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court on their intention to open an investigation into events in Ukraine "as rapidly as possible" in respect to possible crimes against humanity and war crimes committed within Ukraine, as called for the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe.
  6. recognises the important responsibilities of Scottish law firms to comply, in full, with the sanctions and other restrictions imposed on Russia and Belarus by the UK Government, and notes the work of the Law Society executive team to ensure those responsibilities are understood across the profession.
  7. supports the work of the education, training and qualifications team to review the requirements for any Ukrainian lawyers wishing to requalify into Scotland in light of the challenges currently being faced.

The Society's President Ken Dalling has also written to the President of the Ukraine Bar Association, Anna Ogrenchuk, to express sympathy and solidarity with its members and the people of Ukraine. The letter is available to read

Law Society of Scotland statement on Ukraine

The Law Society of Scotland condemns the use of force by Russia against Ukraine. International Law is clear that such actions are both legally and morally reprehensible. The invasion of Ukraine is an egregious breach of the rule of law and we support lawful action that will help bring this terrible conflict to an end as swiftly as possible.

The Law Society of Scotland emphasises the active role the legal profession must play in sanctions against Russia

The Scottish legal sector must be alert to the implications of the current crisis and has a shared responsibility to comply with UK Government sanctions and present a united front against Russia’s violations of international law.

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