John Mulholland, current President, signed the Memorandum of Understanding on behalf of the Law Society of Scotland at the Opening of the Legal Year in London today (1 October 2019).

The document is the first to set out a framework for continued cooperation in the legal sector post-Brexit. It represents our mutual commitment to protecting and developing the rule of law in our respective jurisdictions and continuing to work together to support this work on an international basis.

John said: “This agreement builds on the existing spirit of collaboration between the bars in the UK and Belgium. I hope that this will form the basis of even greater cooperation in the future and could inspire further agreements to be reached with colleagues across Europe.”

A number of solicitors who qualified in Scotland have gone on to build a legal career in Brussels. The Brussels-based bars have taken care to communicate with the UK lawyers registered with them about the potential impact of Brexit. They’ve also lobbied their government to ensure that their no deal legislation gives time for UK lawyers to take any necessary steps to secure their position.

Belgium-based lawyer Siobhan Kahmann, international representative on the Society’s Council, welcomed today’s agreement. “In the uncertainty after the referendum, it was a comfort for me and my UK colleagues to learn from our local bars that our contribution to the legal community here was valued. I am delighted that this is reflected in the memorandum of understanding our bars have signed today.”

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