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Distance learning a consumer contract, sheriff rules

German student could only be sued for fees in Germany

Civil case cannot subvert conviction, Inner House rules

Summary dismissal wrong, but claim irrelevant on public policy grounds

Court reporting restrictions must have interim order first

Rules of court amended to require two-stage procedure

IBA launches Model Statute for climate change actions

Report aims to lower procedural legal hurdles for challenges to governments

Budget figures show continuing legal aid freeze

Projected spending unchanged from previous two years

South Strathclyde approves digital recording of civil proofs

Practice note removes need to seek court approval

Court user satisfaction remains high, latest survey finds

Professional and public users report good experience

Scotland proper forum for St Andrews gowns trade mark dispute

Court repels pleas to jurisdiction and forum non conveniens

Lectures mark Supreme Court's first 10 years

Four speeches reflect the four UK nations

Outer House judges relieved of wigs and robes for most sittings

Practice note removes requirement except when hearing evidence

Intimating minute of amendment stops limitation running: appeal sheriffs

Lodging not essential, as fair notice the key

Appeal sheriffs issue guidance for child contact case procedure

Sheriff wrong to adjourn proof for child welfare hearing