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MSPs voice serious concerns over EU alignment bill

Bill's progress "depends on satisfactory response from Government": report

MSPs in "time critical" appeal for views on Market Bill

Scrutiny begins ahead of legislative consent report

Internal Markets Bill declares itself above the law

Provisions and regulations to have effect irrespective of inconsistent rules

No defence to action to recover unlawful state aid

Inner House rules full amount must be paid following EU ruling

Scotland faces hard act keeping up with EU law: Faculty

Bill submission warns of scale of task, and potential conflict

MSPs seek views on EU law continuity bill

Committees taking evidence on bill to keep Scots law aligned with EU law

Courts' power to depart from EU law: ministers consult

UK Government wants more courts freed from retained EU case law

Ministers introduce new EU law continuity bill

Particular focus on environment in powers to keep Scots law aligned with EU

CCBE sounds "alarm bell" for justice in Europe

COVID-19 restrictions need urgent measures to restore citizens' rights

Insured's right to choose lawyer covers mediation: CJEU

Court rules on EU law rights under contracts for legal expenses insurance

VW owners win preliminary ruling in "Dieselgate" claim

Judge finds emissions-cheating software a "defeat device" under EU rules

No Amazon trade mark breach through storage alone: CJEU

Online retailer not marketing goods did not "use" mark it was unaware of